AoE 2 DE (update 36202)
31 Mar 2020

Balance Changes
• Steppe Lancers +1 attack.

• No longer have access to the Redemption technology.

• Can now research the Capped Ram upgrade in the Castle Age as a civilization bonus.
• Kipchaks fire +1 extra arrow.
• Steppe Husbandry grants its benefits to Steppe Lancers, and reduces training times by 50% (was 80%).

• No longer have access to the Arson technology.
• The civilization bonus affecting the cost of infantry units has now been staggered per Age:
20%/25%/30%/35% cheaper in Dark/Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age
• The civilization bonus boosting infantry attack vs. buildings now increments by +1 attack per Age (starting in the Feudal Age).

• Now gain the Thumb Ring technology for free as a civilization bonus.
• Keshik training time reduced from 23 to 16 seconds.
• Elite Keshik training time reduced from 20 to 14 seconds.
• Timurid Siegecraft now grants Trebuchets +2 extra range (was +1), and makes Flaming Camel unit available when researched.